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Sinead has remained relatively local to Boston throughout her life, likely a result of most of her family living in the area. Before making the decision to pursue hair, Sinead was working on becoming an x-ray technician. A few nights before an important exam, she ran into an acquaintance who asked if she was really happy with the path she was taking. The question prompted some self reflection, to which Sinead admitted she’d much rather do hair. She made the decision to switch career directions and joined the HC family in March 2018. 


Sinead is a dog mom to a Wheaten Terrier named Grimmauld, and Chihuahua named Arya (named after characters from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, respectively). She’s mastered the balance between simplicity (with activities like fort building) and sophistication (with a palate that demands the bold flavors of Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc).


When it comes to hair, Sinead loves to create movement with flowing long layers and natural looking color.

Empire Beauty - Boston, TIGI - Dallas

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