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Love Is In The Hair!

To Know Your Hair Is To Love Your Hair!

Our hair is made of beautiful delicate fibers and so should be cherished the same way you cherish your favorite cashmere sweater or silk blouse. Understanding the health of your hair will ensure it remains consistently beautiful!

There are many variables that contribute to our general hair health, including the elements. Because the elements change so drastically from season to season in New England, it is imperative that your hair and scalp are professionally analyzed every time you are in the salon. That way we can prescribe the appropriate treatment that day to keep your hair balanced with the proper amount of moisture, protein, oils and vitamins! Oh yes and exfoliating the scalp is a must! Only a healthy scalp will help grow healthy hair!

Remember that what your hair needs in February might be very different than what it needs in August, so work together with your healthy hair specialist to ensure that you are giving your hair what it needs at home – If the goal is to have beautiful hair everyday, once a month treatments are not enough! Like everything in life, consistency and knowledge are critical to success!

Tips for Healthy Happy Hair:

1. Eat a balanced diet – Zinc and Vitamin D are awesome for your hair!

2. Exfoliate the scalp once a week - The exfloiant keeps the scalp healthy while the massage helps stimulate growth

3. Work out and get the blood flow to the scalp – downward dog!

4. Brush your hair - also gets the blood flowing to the scalp - CURLY GIRLS: a nice quick head massage will work too!

5. Feed the hair and scalp with what it needs to shine

"There are a lot of fabulous products on the market that can help manage unruly hair, wether it be from dryness or shine, to density building and frizz control. I believe a rotation of treatments from all of the lines we offer, really have helped make a difference in growing out my hair to be long, happy & healthy" - Alicia Tucker, Healthy Hair Specialist

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