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Just Say “NO” to Hat Hair!

Nobody enjoys the look of “hat hair,” and when the snow starts falling, there are few alternatives to keep your head and ears warm. Many of us, myself included, have completely succumbed to the harsh reality of hat hair. For curly-headed folks, it means flat but frizzy hair; and for people with straighter, finer hair, you’ll be left with an indentation around your head.

Aside from the obvious culprit - the hat - there is another, less apparent factor that contributes to dreaded hat hair: static. The temperature outside starts to drop, and as it does, so too does the moisture in the air. Static results from hair that is dehydrated, and the friction of a beanie only aggravates this. When selecting which winter hat to sport, determine whether your hair is more prone to lying flat on your head, or if it’s packing a little bit of volume.Once you’ve determined this, you can choose a fabric and fit that will best complement your hair.

If you want to avoid the risk of static in your hair altogether, a wool hat is your best bet; wool, cashmere, and other natural fabrics tend to have less static cling, and will leave your hair the most unharmed. Loose fitted hats also tend to be a safe choice as well, since the hair isn’t so tightly forced against the head. Tight hats flatten hair closely to the scalp, which results in perspiration from the scalp that dries in the hair, ultimately resulting in even flatter hair.

Another major way to avoid hat hair is to ensure your hair is always completely dry before wearing your hat! Even damp hair is impressionable, so if there’s any moisture in your hair when you put your hat on, you’re guaranteed to have flat hair by the time you arrive to your destination. If you’re in a rush and have no time to dry your hair, try wrapping it in a silk scarf first to wear under your hat.

Since our lives are unpredictable and the weather isn’t always as anticipated, hat hair is often unavoidable.

Fortunately, that’s not to say it’s irreversible. Volumizers and root lifters, like Oribe’s Grandiose, add much needed body to hair that can totally bring your hairstyle back to life.

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