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Welcome to Hairpothecary

We are Hairpothecary! An extension of HC Studio focused on providing friendly, holistic support and health-oriented solutions to all of your hair questions and concerns. We believe that your hair is the crown you should always wear with pride, but you must fully understand your hair and its health to ensure it looks the best it can.

To start with the basics, think of your hair like a living organism…because it is! It’s essential to care for your hair both inside and out by eating healthy, getting enough rest, managing stress, exercising regularly, and using quality products on your hair; and while we will guide you towards trusted names we know and love, our emphasis will always be on the solution rather than the brand.

Like any other living structure, our hair is also affected by environmental changes that accompany the passing of seasons. Elements vary drastically throughout the year and what your hair needs in February may not be the same as what it needs in August. Our healthy hair specialists are on hand year-round and are prepared to prescribe treatments, routines, and lifestyle changes to help your hair achieve its best potential.

Of course, there are some issues that go beyond the knowledge of our healthy hair consultants, which is why we have a whole board of advisors - consisting of a dermatologist, acupuncturist, general practitioner, and personal trainer - from which we can refer our clients to.

There are several factors that affect the integrity of your hair, ranging from environmental to medical, and we’re here to help you tackle any obstacles preventing you from living a healthy, happy life with gorgeous hair. Like everything in life, consistency and knowledge are critical to success, and we are a trusted friend you can call on when you need advice on how to develop and nurture an overall sense of balance and well-being in body, mind, spirit, and hair!

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