HC Studio is a place for aspiring artists within the local community to be recognized during a two month showing of his or her work. It is our goal, by hosting a different artist every two months, to create an environment which encourages and supports the arts and artists within the local community and beyond.

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September and October

Featuring the work of returning local artist

Caroline Bowden


Artist Statement


Perhaps because I am an immigrant – born and brought up in England, but living in the US for over half my life – I come back to familiar themes over and over again when I’m working, revisiting them like old friends: innocence and loss; being rooted in the past, rebirth. These themes feel even more relevant today as our optimism in life and faith in our future is tested. The global pandemic has changed our world, forced us all to slow down and take stock of what is most important to us. The new body of work shown in ‘Sunshine for Dreaming’ reflects a hope that, in the post-pandemic world, we can hold onto the deepened personal connections forged during lockdown and the appreciation for so many of the everyday things that we had always taken for granted. That we can remember what it’s like to feel childlike wonder and be just plain happy.