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Works on display through September 2023
by Nell Blasdale


Nell Blasdale is an artist and designer living in the greater Boston area.  She began her career teaching at the Beaver Country Day School as a visual arts teacher.  Through learning surface pattern and design, she became interested in interior design.  Her career took a turn as she explored this avenue, but she has always enjoyed creating her own art and continues to do so to this day.  Nell has a passion for capturing the essence of life through art and draws much of her inspiration from nature and the human experience.  She is intrigued by textural layers and aims to create art that demonstrates different senses of space.  With each piece, she invites you to explore her work and connect with it using your imagination and experience.

HC Studio

recognizes aspiring artists

within the local community  during a two month showing of their work. It is our goal,

by hosting different artists every few months, to create an environment which encourages and supports the arts and artists within the local community and beyond.

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