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Works on display through June 2024
by Lynn Debbs

Lynn Debbs is our Artist on Display for May and June.  As an octogenarian living in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Lynn's journey of being "a creative"/artist has been varied and spans decades.  In 1969, she was the first person to license designs to manufacturers of clothing, home goods, and many other items you could print a design on.  In 2004, she and her husband moved to MA to be closer to family.  Despite the move, Lynn continued to pursue her artistic endeavors, expanding beyond watercolor to explore diverse mediums. Today, she crafts with beach stones, sea glass, driftwood, shells, and repurposed paintings infusing them into whimsical animal prints. Additionally, Lynn utilizes wool for felting,creating  represenatational and abstract imagery.  Finding joy in transforming found objects into sources of happiness for others is a significant aspect of her artistic fulfillment.

for additonal info, please contact her daughter Nell at

HC Studio

recognizes aspiring artists

within the local and surrounding communities during a two month showing of their work. It is our goal,

by hosting different artists every few months, to create an environment which encourages and supports the arts and artists within the local community and beyond.

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