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Feeling beautiful is so personal. It means something different to everyone. When I truly understand someone, I know how to make them feel wonderful about themselves.

Samantha Colen




Though her roots are planted in a small town in Maine, Sam found her way to Boston and became the newest addition to the HC family in Spring 2019. Creative and curious in nature, she discovered her love for styling and cutting at a young age and tenaciously completed a variety of certifications with L’Oreal Professionel, Oribe, and Wahl (per her mother’s insistence).


Sam loves to tackle a challenge and thrives at the chance to hone her skills with clients looking for a big change or transformation, ultimately striving to ensure every client feels like the best version of themselves.


She finds inspiration from the fanciful things in life, and when she isn’t reading comic books or science fiction, she’s working on her Dungeons and Dragons campaign where she currently ranks as a level 4 druid gnome.

L’Oreal Professional, Oribe, Wahl Education and Artistic Team, Coastline Enterprises, Chemistry Class - 

Dr. Ali N. Syed

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